Pilar Pla

Pilar Pla, Director, Supply Chain Latin America
Costa Rica

Fun Fact

I like to break the ice in a conversation/discussion by adding a little humor or a comment about Costa Rica, whenever possible. When dealing with people from other countries, I like to add something about their country that lets them know we care about them and are familiar with their culture. For instance, simply explaining where to find spices from their country, talking about a national holiday, or if I have been in their country can make a big difference.

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What is your favorite part of your job?

Dealing with piers and learning from their experiences to see how I can apply those lessons to my work environment is very gratifying to me.

Another thing I love about my work is that I have the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Dwellworks really provides the space for me to develop ideas, propose solutions, and look at a problem from different angles.

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Pilar Pla

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