Ireland Destination Services

Lean on our expertise, and you’ll be living like a local in no time.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team that can help you through all the many parts of a move. Through our convenient portal, we provide information and communication at your fingertips!

Area Orientation

We can give you a guided tour of your new city while giving you lots of information on local housing and educational options. We will also discuss transportation, shopping, and recreational activities. Becoming familiar with your local area allows you to adjust and settle into your new home more quickly.

Home Finding Service

Our common goal is to find your new home. We conduct market research based on your specific needs and then schedule and produce a tailored itinerary. We utilise our extended networks of contacts in the property sector to facilitate in the search for your new home. Our consultants can accompany you during the viewings and check in, and our account managers can help with the other administrative items. We will advise and guide you through all the aspects of securing your rental/purchased property.

Sharer’s Service

Choosing to home-share might open up some better options closer to where you want to be. We can help match you to your new house mate(s) through our Sharers Service.


Relocating to a new place often requires a lot of menial, administrative tasks that can be time-consuming, especially when the options are not familiar to you. Some of the local registrations (such as the PPS) are vital to living in Ireland, and the differences between the health and banking system can be hard to grasp. We can provide access to a “professional friend”, advocate, and cultural translator to help accelerate your integration and accompany you, where relevant.

Tenancy and Expense Management

You can outsource the function of managing your tenancies to us to ensure that there is proper maintenance of the property, that bills are paid on time, and that costs are monitored and sustained according to your specific requirements.

Spousal Support

We’re here to help all members of the relocating family: We can provide spousal support to help transferees’ partners settle into their new life. This can include everything from career and job search counselling to introductions to local resources, support networks and social organisations that they may be interested in.

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