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An astonishingly human appraisal experience.

Accuracy. Compliance. Technology. Transparency. Timeliness. An uncommon approach to appraisal management combined with the most accurate network of residential appraisers in the country.

Accuracy is our advantage

Simply put, we have the most accurate network of appraisers in the country. How do we know? As the most trusted provider of relocation appraisal management, we have the data to determine appraiser accuracy for each specific property. In relocation appraisal, there is no contract or estimated value; the appraiser is simply asked to value the property. Their valuation can then be measured against the actual sales price of the home. We measure the difference between our appraiser’s value and the arm’s length sales price on every assignment.

We bring this extreme focus on appraiser accuracy to the lender appraisal world.

Conventional Mortgage Appraisal

FHA/VA Appraisal

REO Appraisal

Exterior-Only Appraisal

Automated Valuation Models

Field Review

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We have Certified Appraisers checking the work

Our review process is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and is built to significantly reduce issues arising from a Collateral Underwriter (CU). We run our appraisals through automated rules tailored to each client/investor’s guidelines. The review process is conducted by Certified Appraisers. The combination of these two powerful resources produces remarkably compliant, accurate, and timely results. 


Accurate, interpersonal service is our special touch.

From brokers, to lenders, to appraisers, we offer efficiency, accountability, and transparency along the way. We pick up the phone, we talk through situations, and we put ourselves in our stakeholders' shoes to see all sides. By offering consistent solutions and providing open communication, we can address the needs of all parties, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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“You have done an amazing job, and I will definitely choose Dwellworks as your service far exceeds other AMCs by a long shot.”
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Fun Fact

165 – Combined years of experience of our Staff Review Appraisers performing Quality Control checks on appraisals

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