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We recognize that most corporate housing providers typically only have one or two concrete offices, but lease apartments in properties throughout the United States. However, they do not necessarily have employees present where all of their properties are located; that's where Dwellworks comes in. With our network of vetted, experienced, and professional local consultants, we can provide corporate housing companies with the assistance needed in preparing an apartment for a guest's arrival.

Providing local services across the U.S.

Dwellworks is proud to assist the corporate housing industry with miscellaneous concierge services in the United States through our network of Local Consultants. Being local where our clients are not, we can leverage our network to provide the following services to the corporate housing industry:

+ Meet and Greet

Our Local Consultant will welcome the guest at the corporate housing unit upon arrival and review the corporate apartment amenities and how to navigate the appliances.

+ Purchase and Delivery of Groceries and Customizable Packages

Our Local Consultant will purchase and deliver a pre-set list of welcome items, including groceries, pet care items, and child-friendly items.

+ Move-In/Move-Out Walk Through

Our Local Consultant will document the condition of the unit, including furniture set-up prior to arrival or after departure.

+ Cable Box Wait

Our Local Consultant will wait at the corporate housing unit to allow a cable provider access to set up cable/WiFi.

+ Cable Box Return

Our Local Consultant will pick up the cable box from the corporate housing unit after guest departure and return it to the cable provider.

+ Neighborhood Orientation

Our Local Consultant will provide area familiarization near the corporate housing unit through one-on-one consultations and personalized, accompanied tours.

+ Tours of Corporate Housing Options

Our Local Consultant will accompany the guest to visit multiple corporate housing options to help determine the best choice for the guest.

+ CultureCloud® Intercultural Training

This online, self-paced Intercultural program provides a general intercultural orientation with information delivered in a concise, self-guided, web-accessible format. Assignees learn the cultural generalities of living and working abroad, including values, norms, customs, and etiquette.

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