Lender Appraisal Services

Appraisal management that delivers consistency, reliability, and integrity.

Whether for a new mortgage, refinance, or relocation valuation, we recognize the need for fully reliable, prompt appraisal services, delivered by experienced customer service professionals, who understand the complexities and regulatory requirements of today’s appraisal environment.

An astonishingly human appraisal experience

Accuracy. Compliance. Technology. Transparency. Timeliness. An uncommon approach to appraisal management combined with the most accurate network of residential appraisers in the country.

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Accuracy is our advantage

Simply put, we have the most accurate network of appraisers in the country – and we can prove it.  As the most trusted provider of relocation appraisal management, we have the data to determine appraiser accuracy for each specific property, and we bring this extreme focus on appraiser accuracy to the lender appraisal world.

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Premium Appraisal Products

  • Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal: a restricted marketing time frame opinion of value with forecasted price trend incorporated in for employee relocation purposes
  • FHA Appraisals: for FHA loans
  • USDA Appraisals: for USDA loans
  • REO Appraisals: for bank-owner or pre-foreclosure usage
  • Jumbo Appraisals: for loans where two appraisals are required
  • 2000 Single-Family Field Reviews: retro valuation to issue an opinion on an original appraisal
  • 2000A 2-4 Unit Field Review: retro valuation to issue an opinion on an original appraisal

Traditional Appraisal Products

  • 1004 URAR: a single-family traditional appraisal for loan origination
  • 1073 URAR: for condo loan origination
  • 1075 Exterior Only Condo: minimal risk loan origination
  • 2055 Exterior Only Single-Family: minimal risk loan origination
  • GPAR - General Purpose Appraisal Report: for use in unique situations to obtain a market value
  • 1025 URAR - Small Residential Income Appraisal: used with multi-family loan origination
  • 1004C: for manufactured housing loan origination
  • 1004D: to address appraisal updates during loan origination 
  • 1007 Comparable Rent Schedule: used in the income approach to value
  • 216 Operating Income Statement: used in the income approach to value
  • 2075: used for property inspection, natural disaster re-certification, etc.
  • Land Appraisal: for vacant land loan origination

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Alternative Valuation Services

  • OptiVal® AVM: fast and affordable valuation based on public data
  • mValue Desktop Appraisals: bifurcated appraisal, combines local inspection with a desktop appraisal. Used in HELOC, REO and Portfolio Management
  • MValueExpress: comparable to a Broker Price Opinion (BPO),  tailored to REO properties and Portfolio Management
  • MValue: desktop appraisal reports that combine property inspection, data from public records, and other relevant sources. Tailored to HELOC lending
  • MValuei: include benefits of the MValue report, plus an interior inspection. Delivers up to 50% more cost savings than traditional appraisals, for usage in HELOC and low-risk lending scenarios
  • BPOMerge: Multiple opinion of value product driven by broker price opinions for usage in HELOC Portfolio Management
  • BPOPro: single broker price opinion product for usage in HELOC Portfolio Management
  • Market Value Pro (MVP): single appraiser desktop opinion of value for use in HELOC Portfolio Management

Ancillary Services

Flood Certifications



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We understand appraisers have a tough job, and we value the work they do.

Appraisers who provide factual, objective, and accurate estimates of property value are the backbone of the real estate and mortgage industries. We believe in building strong relationships with every one of our appraisers. Our team is there to help with questions or concerns so appraisers can do their job quickly and with the least amount of hurdles to overcome.

We don't pressure; we partner with our appraisers.

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