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We have provided appraisal management services throughout the U.S. for more than 35 years. Our appraiser qualification, selection, and management process, coupled with an in-house quality assurance and appraisal review team, ensures accurate, reliable, and timely appraisal reports, with a strong focus on regulatory compliance and alignment with industry updates and requirements.

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We have Certified Appraisers checking the work

Our review process is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and is built to significantly reduce issues arising from a Collateral Underwriter (CU). We run our appraisals through automated rules tailored to each client/investor’s guidelines. The review process is conducted by Certified Appraisers. The combination of these two powerful resources produces remarkably compliant, accurate, and timely results. 


Accurate, interpersonal service is our special touch.

From brokers, to lenders, to appraisers, we offer efficiency, accountability, and transparency along the way. We pick up the phone, we talk through situations, and we put ourselves in our stakeholders' shoes to see all sides. By offering consistent solutions and providing open communication, we can address the needs of all parties, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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"I truly appreciate you and your team always being so proactive!"
Kristine Morrison, Freedom Mortgage
“[Our firm] has several choices of AMCs when we place orders. The kindness and frequent communication from the Dwellworks team is always a reminder of where we want to place our orders.”
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Fun Fact

Because of our unique mix of valuation services, we are the only Appraisal Management Company that can statistically validate our performance accuracy.

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