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Appraisal Management is a core and leading competency of ours.

Relocation appraisals are the hardest residential appraisals out there. That's why we assign two independent appraisers to the same house. Our in-house team of appraisers receive both reports and compare the information. That's right; we have people on our team who are appraisers, too, and they know if the work that's been done is fair or not. It's as simple as that.

So how do relocation appraisals work?


In relocation appraisal, there is no contract or estimated value; the appraiser is simply asked to value the property. Their valuation can then be measured against the actual sales price of the home. We measure the difference between our appraiser’s value and the arm’s length sales price on every assignment.


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What do our clients value about Dwellworks Appraisal Management?

Communication, communication, communication! In the high-demand, fast-paced environment of lending and real estate services, we know our customers expect to hear from us often. We provide the updates, documentation and analysis needed: on time, accurately, and in full compliance. Our Appraisal Customer Service Manager closely monitors the entire life of the file – from appraiser selection, through process management, to technical review – to provide our clients the information they need when they need it, supported by performance results and full-scale reporting.

What makes Dwellworks Appraisal Management unique?

Our people and our professionalism - we always go the extra mile. Everyone on our appraisal review team is a licensed appraiser... expertise that makes a difference in assessing appraisal data and reviewing the valuation analysis. Our customer service skills are second to none: we know our clients work under time-sensitive conditions and are always focused on providing both great quality work and fast turnaround. Together, the accuracy of our results and the quality of our people explain why we are our industry’s leading appraisal management company.

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"I want to express my gratitude for the service you provided. We needed an appraisal as a rush. Your file manager was instrumental in working with his team and keeping me updated on the status of the appraisal review, and returned it to me in a timely manner. I really appreciate the sense of urgency, follow up, and problem solving skills."
Courtney Diamond, BGRS
“I have worked with Dwellworks for over 25 years. What has evolved for me in that time is more of a personal interaction. It’s really the people we get to work with. I think we have a relationship of mutual respect; I feel like it’s a partnership.”
Independent Appraiser

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165 – Combined years of experience of our Staff Review Appraisers performing Quality Control checks on appraisals

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