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Dwellworks operates in a global industry that supports our relocation clients and customers. We assist our customers on the ground when they move and help them settle into their new city. Although we are a global company with consistent and comprehensive programs, every customer experiences Dwellworks in a very local way with our knowledgeable network of Destination Consultants across Canada.

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  • The Year of the Dragon: The Global Mobility Outlook for APAC in 2024

    February 10 was the start of the Lunar New Year, celebrated throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, and beyond. In this blog, we’re sharing our ‘auspicious’ outlook on the year, as well as highlights on relocation activity in the region and trends and expectations for 2024. This year marks the arrival of the Dragon, more specifically of the Wood Dragon, which by many is considered one of the luckiest and most powerful animals in the Chinese zodiac. The Wood Dragon is said to embody Luck, Strength, Intelligence, and Energy – all factors that we are hoping to take good advantage of this year at Dwellworks.

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  • The Future of Destination Services: A Q&A with Changemaker Jeff Wynes

    Excellence in delivering destination services to relocating professionals and families depends on three critical elements: compassionate and expert-level service professionals, a friendly and engaging tech and digital content experience, and smart process design to support these elements. Dwellworks implements all these elements into every customer experience, across the range of our clients’ globally mobile workforce. In previous blogs we’ve highlighted our key to service excellence and the curated content and accessible technology in our employee portal myDwellworks. In this blog, we look at the engineering that makes those services possible.

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  • Rental Market Updates in Europe for the First Quarter of 2024

    Inflation is slowing in Europe, hovering near 3% compared to 5.5% last quarter, leading to a slight ease on some economic pressures as the first quarter of 2024 begins. However, housing demand outweighing supply and a continued trend of private landlords leaving the rental market due to high operating costs continue to make key European cities tricky to navigate for corporate assignees, local renters, and students alike.

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Best experience by far! We felt and knew she (our consultant) had our best interest in all her decisions. Working evening and weekends, [she] was very accommodating and very easy to work with.
[Our consultant] was by the far most proactive, customer focused, and professional part of my relocation experience.

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Our strength is in diversity - in experience, in culture and in thought. We engage with our team, our clients, and our customers and most importantly, we listen.

Our management team brings over 35 years of experience delivering customer focused destination programs. The continuity of experience paired with our multitalented (i.e. we have a Destination Consultant who moonlights as a Shakespearean actor) and multilingual / multi-cultural local team of experts are representative of our commitment to providing best in class service by understanding our clients.

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