Being a Destination Consultant

What is it like being a Destination Consultant?

Well, each day is unique and will change depending on what the tasks are. Are you helping someone search for a new apartment? Are you taking them to get their Driver's License? There are so many options, you can't have the same day twice.

What is Destination Services?

When a company moves an employee to a new community for work, one of the most important services they receive is help getting "settled in" and acclimated to their new surroundings. Sometimes these employees are moving 'domestically' (within their home country) and other times they are moving 'internationally' (from one country to another). There are a variety of things that make up Destination Services - below is an idea of a few of them.

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A Day in the Life...

As a Dwellworks DSC, every day is different and your days shake out based on the needs of the relocating employee. One day you may “meet” by phone or email to discuss upcoming visits, needs assessments or to share rental market information. Other days, you may meet in-person for area orientations, school visits or to view rental properties. Your days are planned based on your availability. The best part of being a consultant is that everyone’s needs are met - the relocating employee’s and your own!

How it Works!

You accept work based on your schedule and availability. If you aren’t available, no problem! We’ll call you for the next program in your area. 

There is no quota to meet or goal to fulfill, you work when you can, as much or as little as you want.

Work is sometimes sporadic and other times steady – Summer is our busiest season, but you are not prohibited from taking time off to enjoy sun and fun!


Good to Have...

High level of comfort working on MS Office programs, email, and Windows-based operating systems. Familiarity with internet research, particularly in reference to rental home sites (, Zillow, Trulia, etc.) as well as the ability to conduct area research (schools, banks, DMV locations, etc.)

Knowledge of the local rental market and real estate – pricing, trends, and availability.

Getting Started is Easy!

A Dwellworks Program Manager notifies you about relocation programs in your area.

After checking your schedule, you accept or decline based on your availability.

If you accept, you’ll collaborate on program details with your Dwellworks Program Manager and then contact the employee. 

Meet the employee (virtually or in-person), complete home finding and settling-in tasks, close the program, get paid!

Sounds great right?

This job is perfect for those looking to have control of their work schedules, give back to their community and get involved with an organization that trusts and relies on your local expertise to welcome others. 

Plus you get the great support of the Dwellworks Team with you every step of the way. 


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