Independent Contractors

Looking for freelance work?

If you like flexibility and autonomy, we'd like to talk to you about becoming a Dwellworks Independent Contractor.

What does a Contractor do?

We are seeking freelancers to work on a contract basis providing task-based services. Contractors are typically asked to spend 1-3 hours completing tasks such as:

  • Picking up and delivering groceries
  • Waiting for cable instillation
  • Picking up and returning cable equipment
  • Documenting the condition and contents of a property prior to move in or again after move out


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Working with Dwellworks

As an Independent Contractor with Dwellworks, you can help welcome a corporate professional to your community. We take pride in and rely on our freelance network and are constantly looking for professional, dependable and service minded contractors to join our network. 

  • Are you customer service minded?
  • Are you interested in joining a company that allows you flexibility and autonomy?
  • Are you interested in additional earnings opportunities?

If you enthusiastically answered yes, then an Independent Contractor opportunity with Dwellworks may be just the match for you!


Our best contractors usually have customer service experience, a reliable vehicle, a valid driver’s license, excellent communication skills, knowledge of city and surrounding areas, and a flexible schedule.  


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