Local knowledge. Attention to detail. Personal touch.

Local knowledge. Attention to detail. Personal touch.

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We deliver Destination Services, Corporate Housing and Intercultural Training. Our consultants are a highly skilled and experienced team that can help you through all the big challenges during a move. From finding your new home to cultural training, we are here for all your needs.

  • Rental Market Updates in Europe for the Second Quarter of 2024

    The inflation rate in Europe remains the same as the first quarter of 2024, around 3%. This is good news for a stable regional economy overall, but because the demand for housing in key corporate relocation markets continues to grow with limited options for additional supply, price increases are expected across all major destinations.

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  • US, Canada, and Mexico Rental Market Updates for the Second Quarter of 2024

    US rental markets, in general, are finally experiencing some “normality” in rental pricing, rate of increases, and availability as we move through the second quarter of 2024. Canadian trends also have their own ‘new normal’, which unfortunately can be defined as sustained high rental rates and limited availability. Mexico’s economy closely tracks to the US, with slower growth this year, but an overall positive outlook, especially related to corporate relocation activity and rental rates in key locations.

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  • Dwellworks 2023 ESG Impact Report: Values-Focused Priorities

    Dwellworks delivers exceptional service to the globally mobile workforce and is also committed to making a positive impact on our business goals, our planet, and our communities. ESG is a structure for stakeholders to understand a business through non-financial measures. In Dwellworks’ approach to ESG, we’re focused on stakeholder requirements and how we align them with our core values, which have always included respect and inclusion, business sustainability, and good governance.

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