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We deliver Destination Services, Corporate Housing and Intercultural Training. Our consultants have deep local knowledge, and when we combine that with our customer’s need, we create a service customized to the individual needs of each transferee. We are committed to providing relocation services that make finding local parks, finding a home, opening a bank account, or even paying utility bills smoother.

  • 3 Ways China is Impacting the Business Travel Industry

    If you feel like China is included in headlines everywhere you turn, you are not wrong. The mighty Asian nation has been making notable moves in the global business settings, especially around manufacturing and exports/imports. Nearly every industry is impacted by these changes in China, including Corporate Housing. Read on to investigate three of the most influential ways China is impacting the industry. 

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  • Corporate Housing and the OTA Era

    Although the generalities of the Corporate Housing industry have remained consistent the past few decades, the booking process has changed and improved consistently. 

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  • How to Get (and Get Rid of) Furniture When You're Renting an Apartment

    After spending days wrapping dishes in newspaper, wrestling with clothes on hangers, and deciding what you really need to bring with you for the move, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how to get your heavy furniture to your new place. Although Dwellworks does offer housing that comes fully furnished, we also know that isn't the option that works for every situation. But we are still able to help, of course! Here are a few tips about furniture that we like sharing with those who are relocating to make the move a little easier. Take a seat and read on!  

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Our team focuses on the transferee and anything they might need. Most of our team members have relocated themselves and lived in many countries. Combined, our multinational team speaks over eight languages (including Russian, Albanian, Italian, Spanish, French, Luxembourgish, Hungarian, and Flemish). We have diverse backgrounds and hobbies. We are most passionate about helping newcomers to Luxembourg integrate into daily life here. We always aim to support our communities with a particular care and affection, whether it we are working in the office or at a volunteering at a charity event.


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