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We deliver Destination Services, Corporate Housing and Intercultural Training. Our consultants have deep local knowledge, and when we combine that with our customer’s need, we create a service customized to the individual needs of each transferee. We are committed to providing relocation services that make finding local parks, finding a home, opening a bank account, or even paying utility bills smoother.

  • Today's Working World: Collaborating with Different Generations

    The age of employees has continually expanded in the workplace. This is due to employees entering the workforce early (since multiple long-term internships are often a requirement for college graduation) and staying later (as the retirement age slowly gets pushed back). Ensuring a harmonious and diverse workplace is critical for global teams. Read on for some insights! 

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  • Best Business Practices to Master in Mexico

    Mexico is a wonderful country to do business in, no matter where you personally may call home. This is due to the myriad of global facilities located in the country that are managed by a dedicated workforce. Here, we share a few best business practices to master before you head to Mexico to ensure your assignment is successful.

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  • Destination Profile: Australia

    It's time to head Down Under for this Destination Profile! Today, we're exploring the first county to welcome the new day, the country that is home to unique wildlife living in stunning natural wonders, and a population of multicultural people. Originally bolstered by the mining and agriculture industries, today Australia is an inviting economy for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, trade agreements involving the nation are beneficial to companies operating in this wealthy Asian-Pacific country. 

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Our team focuses on the transferee and anything they might need. Most of our team members have relocated themselves and lived in many countries. Combined, our multinational team speaks over eight languages (including Russian, Albanian, Italian, Spanish, French, Luxembourgish, Hungarian, and Flemish). We have diverse backgrounds and hobbies. We are most passionate about helping newcomers to Luxembourg integrate into daily life here. We always aim to support our communities with a particular care and affection, whether it we are working in the office or at a volunteering at a charity event.


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