See below for all Dwellworks Privacy Notices

Dwellworks, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (together, “Dwellworks”) are committed to transparency in the way we collect, process, share, and store your personal information within our environment. Dwellworks is aware of the recent Schrems II ruling and its implications on the U.S.-E.U. Privacy Shield. We are diligently reviewing our privacy practices and transfer mechanisms in light of this, but nevertheless remain devoted to handling your data in an ethical and secure manner, including:

  • Processing your data only when Dwellworks is fulfilling a contract or has a legitimate interest;
  • Mandating by contract that all processors and subprocessors adhere to GDPR requirements;
  • Ensuring that any data transfers are encrypted in transit;
  • Storing your data on encrypted servers and networks with separate recovery sites;
  • Performing frequent penetration and firewall testing; and
  • Undergoing yearly security audits.
    Dwellworks will continue to monitor guidance from authorities and stay closely aligned with these developments while adjusting our practices accordingly


1. GDPR Privacy Notice for Assignees & Transferees (employer-paid relocation expenses):

2. GDPR Privacy Notice for Direct Customers (self-paid and/or self-managed relocation): 

3. CCPA Privacy Notice