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Multiple options and competitive prices, managed with local expertise.

We use our local knowledge and in-market networks to provide corporate housing providers and their clients with high-quality, personally previewed options for temporary housing needs around the globe. Customers can include executives finalizing their permanent housing needs, families displaced by natural disasters, or even project workers on short-term assignments.

Full-service search and support for every short-term housing need.

Dwellworks provides a full array of temporary housing options by leveraging our expert knowledge of local real estate markets, extensive property manager and landlord relationships, and the quality control that comes with a global destination services network. We source and select high quality properties appropriate for a full spectrum of short-term assignments, project work, and business travel needs. Tenants enjoy the benefits of a fully furnished, full service residence, at a lower cost than a typical hotel stay.

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Who might use corporate housing services?

Michael will be working on an engineering project in Mexico City for the next two months. Lodging and travel is expensive, so the company is looking for an alternative to hotels, while providing resources and services to support their employee who will be working far from home. A modern housing unit, with the comforts and conveniences of home, plus security and housekeeping services, is the perfect solution. Dwellworks sources personally inspected units, and presents them as options for corporate housing management firms and their clients. This means Michael is able to stay in country and on task, in housing that is well-matched to his budget and office location, while being close to local amenities and attractions.

How do we help?

Temporary housing for every need, delivered on demand. We find high-quality properties, at competitively negotiated rates, on our clients’ behalf. Our properties are contemporary, secure, and located in neighborhoods close to major corporate employers. Fully furnished apartments are equipped with essential housewares, linens, and on site amenities to make any stay enjoyable. A Dwellworks team member welcomes the tenant (or the service can be provided directly by the corporate housing company) to familiarize them with the unit, and answer any questions. Behind the scenes, Dwellworks centralizes quality control, property sourcing, pricing, and inventory management so our corporate housing clients can have confidence in a global, scalable, rapid-response model.


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“So nice to have room to relax after work and make my own meal in my home away from home.”
Tenant in Germany

Fun Fact

Staying in temporary housing can save an average company between 30-50% versus hotel costs. Source:

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If you are a corporate housing provider with a customer service need, an individual looking for a temporary place to stay, or a property owner interested in talking to us, we’d love to hear from you!

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Disability Clause

Dwellworks is committed to complying with all laws that support reasonable accommodation being afforded to customers and those associated with them who have disabilities. We will not

treat persons with disabilities less favorably than others because of their disability. We agree to work with the property owners to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services, when such accommodations may be necessary to afford person(s) with disabilities equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling.  We will not place conditions on their residency, because those persons may require reasonable accommodations.

In addition, in certain circumstances we would work with the property owners to allow residents to make reasonable structural modifications in a dwelling when those modifications may be necessary for a person with a disability to have full enjoyment of a dwelling provided that the customer covers the cost for such alterations and the cost for restoring the premises to its original condition upon check out.