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From finding the right school for her 6-year-old, to finding a house in a neighborhood she loves, Alexa's Destination Services Consultant will be with her every step of the way.

Navigating a new city can be a challenge and an adventure… our services support employees before they leave and after arrival. We’re here to help international assignees, like Alexa and her family, feel at home, wherever they are.

Destination Services begins before getting to the destination

Whatever question a relocating employee has about their destination: a particular neighborhood, a school, facilities for elder care, the nearest consulate, the best grocery store, and more, a Dwellworks Destination Consultant is there from the day we first learn of the move to final support for settling in and adjustment. On arrival, the employee is provided a personalized area orientation tour, taken to properties carefully selected to fit their needs and budget, and offered all the assistance they need to settle-in comfortably and effectively.

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Providing the perfect relocation experience is our priority.

Relocating is challenging, whether it’s the first time or the 10th time, the experience is both exhilarating and demanding. We’re here to manage the transition to the new destination with as much service and as little stress as possible. The Dwellworks Experience includes the friendly expert service of a local lifeline - our Destination Services Consutlants (DSC), as well as online tools and market knowledge, to support transferring families, their employers and relocation management companies with the information they need, at their convenience.

We’re here to meet the needs of our clients and the relocating employees they serve.

Our consultants are locals who know their city like the back of their hands, translating a passion for their hometowns into helping employees and families when they need help most. We’re local, everywhere, in every country we serve. No other destination services provider has the range of coverage that Dwellworks can guarantee. For us, “being local” defines who we are.

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  • Germany's Federal Employment Agency Restructured

    German immigration procedures are constantly changing, as national and local immigration authorities address increasing demands and pressure. Germany’s Federal Employment Agency (ZAV Bonn), which manages all work permit applications based on intra-company personnel exchange, recently underwent an internal restructuring process. We anticipate this will result in delays and lengthy processing periods for work permits moving forth.

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  • Destination Profile: Nigeria

    If your business is looking to expand into an ethnically diverse nation with abundant natural resources and a growing economy, look no further than Nigeria. The recent past of Nigeria has seen a fight for independence and a transition to a civilian government. Today, Nigeria is moving towards achieving its full economic potential, as seen by its membership into the MINT economies group, which includes Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey. Through the commitment to improving education, infrastructure, government operations, and sustainability, Nigeria is expected to become a major global force by 2050. This transition will usher Nigeria’s rapidly growing population into a new hub for business.

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  • Dwellworks DSCs Provide a Local Lifeline

    Relocating for work is hard enough already; however, managing the logistics of it all can make it even harder. Once the moving trucks are on the way and the first day of work is looming ahead, people are left asking, "What now?" This is where the help of a Dwellworks Destination Services Consultant (DSC) comes into play.  

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What are the key services a Destination Services Consultant assists with?
The Dwellworks Destination Services Consultant (DSC) coordinates every destination-related service authorized by the employer. The consultant arranges area orientation tours (for candidates, prospective hires and relocating employees), home finding tours, school visits, and settling-in services such as visits to banks, the local motor vehicles department and other crucial needs to support quick and complete adjustment to the new location.
“Again, thank you so much for your help. I've been exceedingly impressed and happy with the help you've provided through all of this. It's made arguably the hardest part of moving so much easier.”
Relocating Employee to Seattle Consultant

Fun Fact

Many of our consultants have relocated domestically and internationally themselves!

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Our team is always looking for ways to solve problems and offer smarter solutions to our clients. Our consultant network delivers service on the ground using local expertise and customer service, while our in-office team provides the ‘inside’ support needed to ensure smooth operations and the availability of service, when and where customers need it.

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