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Dwellworks Intercultural Services provides assistance around the world to relocating employees and their families, as well as to individuals working on global teams.

Studies show that organizations that embrace cultural awareness and provide training to their global assignees and work teams are able to save time and money through faster and more productive adjustments and better business relationships.

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Intercultural Solutions programs are convenient and customizable to the needs of the organization and employee. Dwellworks offers a range of options including online learning, mobile apps, classroom training, and individual coaching. 

Global Workforce Development (GWD) programs are offered for non-relocating employees and teams working across cultures to discuss appropriate responses to challenges in decision-making, problem solving, project planning, negotiations, and more.



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  • What type of Intercultural Training do you need?

    Are you ready to learn how to work and live like a local? Once you’ve discovered the benefits to cultural training, the next step is to determine the type of training that best fits your needs or the needs of your team. Dwellworks CultureCloud offers three options to help anyone become a cultural expert.

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  • Four Ways to Prepare for an International Move

    You have found a place to stay, processed your visa, and notified your bank...after all of the administrative preparations are complete, is there anything to do but wait until your departure date? Besides the obvious preparations, here are a few fun ways you can start adjusting to your new lifestyle before you even leave. 

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  • Do You Need Cultural Training? [Infographic]

    Intercultural training is given to employees to examine cultural differences between nations, to bring awareness to these differences, to help smooth business challenges, and to improve communication.

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