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Dwellworks Intercultural Services provides assistance around the world to relocating employees and their families, as well as to individuals working on global teams.

Studies show that organizations that embrace cultural awareness and provide training to their global assignees and work teams are able to save time and money through faster and more productive adjustments and better business relationships.

We are passionate about helping you succeed.

Intercultural Solutions programs are convenient and customizable to the needs of the organization and employee. Dwellworks offers a range of options including online learning, mobile apps, classroom training, and individual coaching. 

Global Workforce Development (GWD) programs are offered for non-relocating employees and teams working across cultures to discuss appropriate responses to challenges in decision-making, problem solving, project planning, intercultural communication, negotiations, and more.



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  • How Relocating Abroad Benefits Children

    When presented with the opportunity to relocate, there is much to consider. This is especially true if you have a family. Parents carefully consider the safety, education, culture, cuisine, environment, healthcare, language, transportation, and more when deciding whether to accept a relocation assignment. Read on to see why we encourage families to relocate! 

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  • How to Navigate the Netherlands  Social Customs

    Knowing and respecting the culture should feel just as important as learning the language, whether you're just visiting or moving to the Netherlands. Not knowing how to read the menu in the restaurant might be a little awkward but breaking an unspoken social rule — like getting up to use the restroom during a meal — could quickly put you in an awkward situation. Want to avoid an awkward situation? Keep reading to learn more about Netherlands social customs.

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  • Where Destination Meets Culture

    I am not an intercultural trainer. I am an experienced destination services provider with a small “i” in intercultural. My experience has allowed me to be both a witness and a participant in different cultures in countries all over the world. After 35 years in the industry, I’ve worked with thousands of assignees and their families, so I’m often called upon to act as an on-demand cultural counselor. All my experience has given me a unique perspective on the industry and has helped shape the direction that Dwellworks is headed.

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