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Dwellworks Intercultural Services provides assistance around the world to relocating employees and their families, as well as to individuals working on global teams.

Studies show that organizations that embrace cultural awareness and provide training to their global assignees and work teams are able to save time and money through faster and more productive adjustments and better business relationships.

We are passionate about helping you succeed.

Intercultural Solutions programs are convenient and customizable to the needs of the organization and employee. Dwellworks offers a range of options including online learning, mobile apps, classroom training, and individual coaching. 

Global Workforce Development (GWD) programs are offered for non-relocating employees and teams working across cultures to discuss appropriate responses to challenges in decision-making, problem solving, project planning, intercultural communication, negotiations, and more.



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  • How an Internship Program Benefits a Company

    The "secret" to a successful workplace is hardly a secret anymore; for an innovative, efficient, and harmonious office environment, diversity is essential. Employees with various backgrounds and perspectives bring much-needed variety to projects at work. One of the ways an office can increase productivity is by hiring promising talent as interns. 

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  • The Cultural Significance Behind St. Patrick's Day

    On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish for a day. No matter how or where you are celebrating this year on March 17, here are a few quick facts to know about this special day. 

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  • Destination Profile: Malaysia

    Malaysia has entered the global business scene with a roar in recent years. The nation is a major melting pot with a diverse economy and idyllic tropical landscapes. Today, the international community has enjoyed great success in tandem with the local multicultural population in the industries of manufacturing, services, and tourism. From ultra-modern cosmopolitan centers to dense jungles to white sand beaches, Malaysia is a spirited blend of modernity and tradition.

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