Global Workforce Development

In a world where communication and culture mean everything, we help companies develop the global mindset and cultural competency of their employees.

Global Workforce Development (GWD) programs build the skills and competencies of individual employees and global teams working across cultures to address challenges in team-building, decision-making, problem solving, project planning, customer communication and negotiations.

We help business teams thrive across cultures.

In a globally connected economy, no business can afford to be culturally under skilled or unaware. A globally agile workforce – effectively managing the challenges and opportunities of multiple cultural influences – accelerates success and mitigates costly risks and cultural missteps.

Global Workforce Development provides learning and development solutions for professionals charged with expanding the global competency and cultural awareness of the organization.







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Smart training for the 21st century workforce.

Our high-impact, thoughtfully customized programs examine business issues, cultural dimensions, and specific strategies to develop implementable best practices and action plans. These programs result in a more culturally aware workforce, agile team partnerships and stronger decision making skills. Our programs offer expertise drawn from 30+ years of experience in the cultural training field, delivered through a network of certified Intercultural Trainers. Instruction is presented in diverse learning formats for today's learner, powered by the leading solutions provider in global mobility and intercultural training.

Training everywhere your workforce is.

With an international network of 280+ certified Intercultural Trainers we meet the workforce development needs of any company and develop plans to lead to further growth, understanding, and success in a complex intercultural world. We use our knowledge and expertise, to create programs tailored to the preferences of each customer through coaching, intensive one-on-one training, small executive sessions, or traditional classroom training.


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Who needs cultural competency skills?
Recently acquired companies or lines of business, financial, legal and business consultative services, customer support and service teams, sales teams, technology teams, multi-location work teams.
“This is an excellent program, very much due to the way it was tailored to fit our specific needs, and because there was ample time for the specific questions, situations, etc. that we are dealing with.”
Team Member, Global Engineering Company

Fun Fact

63% of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills; only 34% feel HR is readying the organization for the challenge. Source: The Economist

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