Local knowledge. Attention to detail. Personal touch.

Local knowledge. Attention to detail. Personal touch.

Our team is committed to providing a smooth transition and positive experience.

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Services include everything from area orientation to intercultural training and our knowledgeable consultants span the entire length of the UK. Finding a place to live is just a small part of our mission. We want to help you find somewhere to call home.

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  • US, Canada, and Mexico Rental Market Updates for the Third Quarter of 2024

    While pricing and vacancy balance is coming to rental markets in the US, that is not the case in preferred corporate relocation destinations in Canada and Mexico. Even in the US where rental prices are cooling overall, rental prices in the neighborhoods requested by many expatriates and relocating professionals continue to rise. Homes in desirable Mexico neighborhoods are also going fast as supply and demand levels are not aligned, and that imbalance continues in key Canadian markets like Vancouver and Toronto as well.

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  • Rental Market Updates in Europe for the Third Quarter of 2024

    As predicted in the second quarter of 2024, rental prices for new leases across Europe have continued to rise, although at a slower pace, because of tight supply and limited moves by current residents. Paris is especially interesting to watch right now as the Olympic games get underway. Rental supply is always limited in the City of Light, with increased challenges brought on by short-term rentals for those coming to the Games. The market is expected to stabilize in September but that will essentially mean a return to historic challenges in availability.

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  • Back to Basics: A Global Mobility Guide to Data Privacy v. Data Security

    In an era defined by digital transformation, the concepts of data privacy and data security remain prominent as keynote topics at conferences, entire practice areas in the information technology and legal fields, and critical components of most modern-day service delivery models. Despite what seems like constant attention, these concepts are often blurred, and the terms are used interchangeably. This leaves folks struggling to understand whether they are data secure, data private, both, or none. 

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[Our Consultant} was simply amazing, and a great credit to Brookfield and Dwellworks. She went above and beyond, lived the experience with me, was persistent, diligent, friendly (even when I was frustrated), and professional throughout the process. She worked hard. She kept at it. She did more for me than I ever expected.
I would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your time today. Everything was perfect, I’m impressed with how precise the timing of the visits was and with the quality and diversity of the houses, it really helped us narrow down our choices.

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From finding a home to settling in, the UK team is with you every step of the way. Our specialist file managers oversee the services provided by our nationwide, on-the-ground area consultants to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our team consists of professional, well-travelled and passionate ambassadors for the UK who balance a busy work-life with a healthy dose of fun and a very British sense of humour!


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For information about services in the UK please contact Andrew Scott, VP Account Management Europe at andrew.scott@dwellworks.com

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